Organic Cotton

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Organic Cotton
Cotton on to this

Soft, airy, renewable and biodegradable. No wonder this fabric reigns ruler within our wardrobes. But at what cost? Although cotton is a naturally occurring fibre, its production is nevertheless haunted by claims of pollution, exploitation, and slavery – yes, even today.

Unlike traditional or GMO cotton farming, organic cotton is free of the hectic pesticides that wreak havoc on the environment and health of farmers. Sourcing fabrics with accreditations such as,  GOTS, OCS, Oeko-Tex, Fairtrade and BCI ensure all levels of the production process are sustainable.  

Rowdy is committed to only using organic cotton in future collections. A choice towards reducing social and environmental impact, supporting the wellbeing and livelihoods of farmers. 

 Rick Rack

(n.) braided trimming in a zigzag pattern, used as decoration on clothes.

I.e the happiest trim you’ll ever meet.

Reviving this trim from its retro roots has become an ode to the Rowdy signature. Made from organic cotton, trims are dyed in India by BioDye with a closed loop system using fruits, vines and leaves.. BioDye uses dyes and mordants that are environmentally safe.

Caution, rick rack is commonly made from polyester or nylon, the synthetic, plastic based fibre derived from petroleum. Nasty.