By Designer // Jessica White

Out in the cosmos I jumped on a star and rode it back through my own conscious.
I woke up. Traded chaos for calm and found freedom in the unknown, alias;

ROWDY, The Label . 

Designed and made in Australia, Rowdy creates mindful clothing for the spirited & the soulful,
the dreamers & the doers, the traditionalist & the rebels.

An electric melody of poetic details, old school cool and rowdy attitude run riot throughout each
design, an ode to the Rowdy signature.

Garments are crafted to be loved longer, made from high quality, certified organic, natural, deadstock
or handcrafted artisan fabrics.

Independent of a team I lean into this season of solitude; designing, sourcing materials, drafting
patterns and sewing each garment in-house at my Brisbane studio.

In an industry conditioned by the greed of fast fashions mentality, Rowdy is committed to producing
clothing with a responsible approach that connects our culture to choices that impact positively on
both people and the planet.

The future of fashion can be better than the present and each one of us has the power to make it so.